Aspro carbon fabric


Square meter

Width: 960 mm

Density (gr/m2):  160
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A-60 - The most lightweight and durable fabric. Allows to achieve maximum rigidity with minimum weight of the product. Particularly efficient to these advantages appear in sandwich structures with honeycomb or foam core. The greatest use of this fabric is manufacturing of sports gliders.

A-80 - The best price / quality / strength / weight . As well as A-60, this fabric is particularly effective when is used in a "sandwich". It's the perfect choice for lightweight structures in small aircraft, sport.

A-120 - Excellent quality, low price, high physical and mechanical characteristics make demand of this fabric in cases when a carbon products designer needs an intermediate option between density of the A-80 and A-160.

A-160 - Today general opinion that high-tech spread tow fabrics rather expensive and only justified for "critical application". Fabric A-160 breaks this stereotype. Use of this fabric costs equal money as classic "3K twill", but the product gets 40% better strength!